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Stock Coverage
Cloisonne Factory
Marble Boat
Beijing City
Forbidden City
Great Wall
Temple of Heaven
Ming Tombs Dingling
Tian'anmen Square
Summer Palace
Hall of Prayer for
Good Harvest
Heavenly Gate
Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest
Retiress Playing Board Game
Retiress Playing Paddle Ball
Balance on Wheel
Nine Balance on four
Climb steps with 3
Head toss a bowl
Curtain Call
Foot tossing bowls
Mounment to the
People's Heroes
Gate of Heavenly Peace
Tian'anmen Square
Applying Wires
Applying Enamel
Hot from oven
Marble Terraces
Glazed tiles
Dragon Bas-Relief
Brass Lions - Bowl
Seventeen Arch Bridge
Dragon Boat
Lotus Flowering
Crane Vase
Un-restored Wall
Un-restored Wall
Watchtower on Wall
Tourists on Wall
Tourists on Steep Steps
Tourists on Wall
Firemen Inspection
Stone Carving
Local people at restaurant
Local people at restaurant
Official's Garden
Bell & Drum Towers
Drum Tower
Drum Tower wall
Bell Tower
Hutong entrance
Hutong corridor
Children playing at School