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John S Murray   Photography
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Stock Coverage
Spring Tundra and Mountains
Polychrome Mountains
Mt. McKinley
Mt. McKinley
Taklanika Valley
Denali Park Road
Spring Tundra
Spring Caribou
Grizzly Bear  hyperphagia
Autumn Tundra and Mountains
Flowers, Berries, Tundra Plants
Toklat River Valley
Toklat River Valley
Sunrise over Alaska Range
Lakes and Rivers
Denali reflection
Frosty Blueberries
Denali - Mt. McKinley Sunset
Photographer under clouds
Mt. McKinley autumn tundra
Red Blueberry foliage
Red Blueberry, lichens in tundra carpet
Mixed tundra carpet
Grizzly Bear  sniffs air
Wary Grizzly Bear 
Caribou migration
Caribou 2 large Bulls
Caribou Bull
Hikers on braided river
Dall Sheep
Sandhill Cranes
Autumn tundra under rain
Mt. McKinley autumn sunset