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East Erie Commerical
GE 85 ton no. 22
Tower East Joliet, IL
Belt Railway of Chicago
TR4A cow and calf
Chicago Short Line RR
LTV Steel train
Apache RR
Alco C420s & RS36
East Broad Top RR  Click for more photos
Erie Mining Company
F9s lead red ore train
Cumbres & Toltec RR  Click for more photos
Durango & Silverton  Click for more photos
Birmingham Southern Railway
GP38-2s in Fairfield, AL
C&I Coal Train
Cambria & Indiana RR
Conemaugh & Black Lick RR
SW7 NW2 Enginehouse
C&I Reagan Jct.
Aliquippa & Southern RR
Hot Metal Train
C&I Colver, PA
SD18s W. Chicago, IL
SW1200 East Joliet, IL
Claremont & Concord Railway
Chicago South Shore & South Bend RR
Belfast & Moosehead Lake RR
Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Rwy
Copper Basin Railway
GE 70 tonner on turntable
SD9s  Port Birmingham, AL
GP35s & GP9s Iowa River
Burns Harbor, IN
GE 44 tonner at station
GP39s GP9U ore train
J Tower Chicago Heights, IL
SD38-2s East Joliet, IL
Arizona & California RR
GP38s & GP20s Earp CA
Cumberland Mine RR (US Steel)
SD38 1 leads coal train
Canton Railroad
SW1200 1201 Canton MD
Duluth & Northeastern Railway
SW1 Cloquet, MN
RS-11 700 former MCRR
Michigan City, IN
Bethlehem Steel Narrow Gauge
Johnstown, PA
Bethlehem, PA
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SD38-2s & SD38s Gary, IN
SW1001 Fairfield, AL
Coaster Commuter Rail
Sant Fe station San Diego
Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Railway
Proctor hill freight
Crude taconite train
SwitchingProctor Yard
Taconite train
Two Harbors docks
Bessemer & Lake Erie RR
SD9s in snow
Coal train in spring
On N&W viaduct
F7s Queen Junction
SD38-2s Matteson, IL
2-8-8-2 M1s 209  1956