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John S Murray   Photography
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New York & Lake Erie
Morrison Knudsen C425
Green Mountain RR
Alco RS1 No. 400
Indiana Harbor Belt RR
NW2s lead transfer
General Electric Company
Demonstration Locomotive
Northshore Mining Co
SD40-3s empty ore train
Mt. Washington Cog
At Summit Mt. Washington
Laona Northern RR
2-6-2 No. 2 Laona, WI
Ohio Central Railroad
4-6-0 1551
Knox & Kane Railroad
GP9 on trestle
Monongahela Connecting Railroad
Alco C415 on turntable
SW7a and SW7B pass Tower
Alco RS3 9 Superior, AZ
Magma Arizona RR
Kinzua Viaduct
Crossing trestle
McKeesport Connecting RR
Alco S-1 1002
Napierville Junction Railway
Caboose 40
Metra  Chicago
F40C Rondout IL
Jones & Laughlin Steel Aliquippa
Narrow gauge ingot switcher
LTV Steel  Indiana Harbor IN
SW8 1022 & slug S-11
New York Susquehanna & Western
B40-8s stack train
Johnstown & Stoney Creek RR
SW-1 471 at enginehouse
Lake Erie Franklin & Clarion RR
MP15DCs coal/freight train
F9A nose
Coal train on NS
SW-1 469 in 1966
SW-1 471 passes JSC office
SW-1 471 Glidden Metals