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John S Murray   Photography
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Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad
Elgin Joliet & Eastern Railway
Toledo Peoria & Western
SD9s in snow
Tower East Joliet, IL
Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Railway
Proctor Hill, MN
Allegheny RR
Wisconsin Central
Taconite Superior, WI
Illinois Midland
SD18s and RS1325
Road Crossing signals
Crude Ore train
GP40s in Kane, PA
Proctor Yard, MN
SD45s in Chicago
Bangor & Aroostook
F3A no. 502
Alaska RR
SD70MAC passenger train
SD38-2s N&W viaduct
Chicago Central & Pacific
IC GP10 & CCP GP38s
Green Bay & Western
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Mexico, Missouri
Monongahela Railway
GE Super 7s
Caboose 903
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie
GP38s on N&W viaduct
Commuter coach
Utah Railway
Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway
SD45 and road slug
Coal Train
GP35  Beechwood, PA
GP38s Oakfield Yard
GP38s Oakfield station
CCP GP8 leads grain
SD18s West Chicago, IL
J Tower Chicago Heights, IL
SD18 & SD20 Powerton
U28Bs in NYC colors
San Manuel Arizona
GP38s on trestle Arizona
GP35 Rook, PA
Caboose  Rook, PA
Commuter train at station
U28Bs at LTV Steel
Iowa Interstate Railroad
Chicago South Shore & South Bend
Central Vermont Railroad
White River Jct. VT
SW1200 East Joliet, IL
SD38-2s East Joliet, IL
Burns Harbor, IN
GP8s Blue Island IL
GP38s under EJ&E
GP9s N Duxbury, VT
Duluth Winnepeg & Pacific Railway
SD40s Virginia, MN
Illinois River lift bridge Joliet, IL
I&M Raillink
SD40s Ottumwa, IA
F7As Queen Jct. PA
Spery test car 147 on MGA
SD45s & PF45 Leithton, IL
New York Susquehanna & Western Railway
B40-8s double stack train
Two Harbors ore docks
F40 cab contraol car on train
F40 cab control car 31
SD38-2s & SD38s Gary, IN
Taconite train
Castle Gate Utah
SD38-2s Matteson, IL
F7As & SD9s Queen Jct. PA
U28Bs on street running
Duquesne US Steel URR
2-8-8-2 209 M1s 1956