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Conemaugh & Black Lick RR
Chicago Short Line RR
LTV Steel Train
Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel
4 switchers Steubenville, OH
SW7 NW2 Enginehouse
Monongahela Connecting RR
Alco C415 on turntable
South Buffalo Railway
Alcos at D tower
Philadelphia Bethlehem & New England RR
SW9 37 and slug 12
Birmingham Southern Railway
GP38-2s Fairfield, AL
Aliquippa Southern Railroad
Hot Metal Train
Union Railroad
Ingot Train Munhall, PA
SlabTrain Braddock, PA
Coke Train Irvin, PA
Weirton Steel
SW1500 and Alco with ingots
Delaware & Hudson Railway
Beth Steel Bethlehem PA
Bethlehem Steel Corporation - Narrow Gauge
United States Steel Corporation
Johnstown PA
Bethlehem PA
Homestead ingots
Edgar Thompson Hot  Metal
Jones & Laughlin Steel
LTV Steel
Narrow gauge switcher
SW8 1022 & slug s-11
RS11 700
Bethlehem PA coke Plant
Johnstown & Stoney Creek RR (US Steel)
SW-1 471
Blast Furnace Monessen, PA
SD9s Port Birgingham, AL
SW1001 Fairfield, AL
Allegheny Ludlum Steel
Brackenridge, PA
Mesta Machine Company
Fireless Cooker 6 passes CR GP 40 Homestead, PA
Mesta Machine Homestead, PA
McKeesport Connecting RR
Alco S-2 USS National WOrks
Elgin Joliet & Eastern  Railway
SW1200 & caboose
SD38s Gary, IN
SW9 36 and slug 11
Bessemer & Lake Erie RR
Duquesne PA
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Youngstown Y&N Cab